Wordly App for Zoom Provides Enhanced Zoom Interpretation Solution

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November 1, 2021

Our friends at Zoom built some impressive new capabilities that have unlocked huge potential in Wordly. Wordly App for Zoom enables you to quickly and easily add our AI-powered Zoom interpretation solution to all of your meetings. “Zoom Apps allow service providers such as Wordly to embed powerful new features inside the Zoom platform to enhance your meeting experience,” said Ross Mayfied, Product Lead for Zoom Apps and Integrations at Zoom. “Working together with Zoom, Wordly has released exciting new translation capabilities.”

Features include:

  • The ability to seamlessly enable multi-lingual meetings 
  • Participants can speak and read along in their preferred language integrated into the Zoom client
  • Attendees easily access and see translation within their Zoom user interface
  • Wordly can translate from 15 spoken languages into 21 translated languages

With the new Wordly AI-powered Zoom Interpretation capabilities, you can have more productive meetings while including all participants.  

Embrace the power of more; more contributing participants, more engaged attendees, more learning, more inclusivity, more attendees from more places delivering more leads and sales.

Top 3 benefits of using Wordly with Zoom meetings: 

  1. Make your global meetings more productive and effective. 
  2. Enable everyone to express their ideas freely in their own language. 
  3. Allow everyone to be heard and be understood.

How To Get Started:

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