Wordly Powers Training Translation for MPI Smart Monday 2022

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September 26, 2022

Wordly is powering live translation at MPI Smart Monday October 10 in Las Vegas, enabling all attendees to participate in the language of their choice. The event will feature a wide range of educational sessions and attendees can select from 25 languages and either listen to audio or read captions at each session on their mobile device. Since Wordly is powered by AI, it makes it easy and affordable to add conference translation to all meetings and events.

About MPI Smart Monday

Smart Monday is open to everyone coming to IMEX America, and a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a full day of free education and networking before the show opens. From stellar keynote Kai Knight, through headliners to workshops and tours, our expert-led education program is focused on your professional development. Powered by MPI, our strategic partner and premier education provider and supported by our association partners. Get smart, get a head start at Smart Monday.

Key Features of Wordly

  • Add live translation into 20+ language interpretation options in seconds
  • No human interpreters or special equipment required - making it easy to set up and very affordable
  • Available 24/7, on-demand
  • Speakers and Attendees change languages with the click of a button
  • Attendees can listen to live audio or read captions on their personal device
  • Scalable to 30,000+ attendees
  • Customizable glossaries ensure names of products and people are translated correctly

To learn more about Wordly translation and captioning services, please visit our website or schedule a personalized demo.

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