Wordly Wins Best Event Solution Award at PCMA CL 22

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January 11, 2022

Thank you PCMA CL 22 for awarding Wordly Best Event Solution for Audience Engagement!

We are thrilled!

Wordly CEO, Lakshman Rathnam participated in a pitch contest on Monday, January 10th. Conference attendees voted on which event technology solution offered the most potential to engage audiences for physical and digital events. Lakshman emphasized that to engage attendees they have to understand and be understood. Language accessibility and inclusivity has the broadest potential impact on increasing engagement.

Lakshman invited the audience to participate in a live demonstration of Wordly's AI-powered real-time interpretation solution. This confident and clear showing impressed the crowd. Wordly makes global inclusivity a practical and common sense choice for conference and meeting designers.

The interpretation technology has gotten so good and so available that now there really is no excuse not to provide language accessibility. If you're not actively including everyone, you're passively excluding people. Be the future. Be accessible.

To learn more about how AI-powered real-time interpretation increases inclusivity and attendee engagement, visit Wordly Conference Interpretation Solutions or Schedule a Demo

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