Wordly Recaps Exciting Year of AI-Powered Interpretation Innovation

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December 20, 2021

Thank you so much for being part of the Wordly community this year! We've seen many exciting developments, with more to come. We're striving to make simultaneous interpretation ubiquitous, increasing inclusivity and productivity. 

It's been a busy year.  You may have missed a post or two, but here are some highlights to read or view on those long winter nights. 


How Wordly provided translation at MPI World Education Congress

    Meetings Today Magazine profiled Wordly's presence at MPI, complete with video demos.

Wordly CEO Lakshman Rathnam on NBC's Press:Here

    Tech Journalist Scott McGrew discusses interesting possibilities new AI-powered interpretation creates for business.

Best Practices for AI-powered real-time translation

    Tips for a great interpretation experience.

New Wordly App for Zoom Launches

    Wordly's seamless integration allows hosts to start and manage translation 24x7 from inside Zoom Meetings.

Does Your Meeting Need Interpretation?

    Video walk through a decision tree to see if interpretation makes sense for your meeting or event.

Interview with a professional meeting manager about AI interpretation

    Gain an expert perspective on if and how to add interpretation to your event, and prove its value to stakeholders.

Take a tour of Wordly's all-new website

    New resources, new insights, new options. 

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit https://wordly.ai or schedule a personalized demo.

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