Wordly Adds Natural Sounding Voices to AI Translation Solution

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February 21, 2023

Wordly is excited to launch a major enhancement - Audio Translation with Natural Sounding Voices.

We have always offered both audio and caption outputs, and now deliver higher quality speech output with neural voices.

The new voices leverage state of the art speech generation technology, leapfrogging legacy machine generated audio translation solutions.

Users can access real-time translated subtitles and high quality natural sounding voices in one easy to use / affordable solution.

Enhanced Audio with Natural Sounding Voices is available for no additional charge along with dozens of other translation software features, including live captions, transcripts, and customizable glossaries.

In addition to Enhanced Audio translations, Wordly has launched several other upgrades in the past few months, including:

Customizable Glossaries

Increase translation quality by controlling how industry terminology and names are translated.

Video Captioning

Quickly translate videos into 25+ languages by adding captions and translated subtitles.

Platform Integrations

Wordly can seamlessly integrate into any video or event management platform.

Transcript Translation

Get a written translated transcript of all of the conversations at your virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings and events.

Expanded Language Support

Wordly provides multi-directional (e.g., French to Spanish, Spanish to English, English to French) translations for 26 languages - including the top international business languages.

To see all of the new Wordly features in action, schedule a demo.

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