New Wordly APIs Make it Easier for Event Tech Platforms to Add Live Translation

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October 24, 2022

We have expanded our Developer APIs to advance our mission to make it easy and affordable for companies of all sizes to bridge the global language gap - and make meetings and events more accessible for everyone.

Developer APIs

The new APIs make it easier to integrate Wordly with event management, video conference, and webinar platforms. The APIs enable meeting planners to create and upload Wordiy translation sessions, start / stop sessions, and add glossaries from their event management platform - saving time and eliminating manual data entry. Other developer capabilities include supporting audio streaming directly to Wordly and customizing the design of the caption translation window within your platform. 

The partner program enhancements are part of the "Wordly Everywhere" initiative designed to make planning and managing live translation easy and affordable for everyone.

To access the APIs, submit a request.

Wordly Platform

The Wordly AI-powered platform has four integrated modules providing an end to end multilingual meeting translation solution built to meet enterprise security, privacy, and collaboration standards.

AI Translation Engine - Wordly built a patented solution that enables real-time, high quality translation into audio and captions - delivered in meaningful "chunks" to make it easy for participants to consume the information. The engine can provide simultaneous translation into 20+ languages, allowing each participant to select their own translation language.

Admin Portal - The portal provides a centralized place to set up and manage new translation sessions. You have easy access to upcoming sessions, account balance, and the ability to instantly add more translation minutes to your account. The portal also provides the ability to create a custom translation glossary and access translation transcripts.

Platform Integrations - Wordly works alongside all video and event management platforms. Contact us to find out your options and best practice tips for the platforms you are using.

Attendee Hub - Attendees can quickly join a translation session via a QR code or url using their computer or mobile device. They do not need to create a Wordly account or download anything to access live translation and captions.

To see all the features, visit Translation Platform.

Join the Wordly Partner Program

If you are not already a member, the Wordly Partner Program makes it easy to offer real-time AI-powered translation alongside your products and services at meetings and events. EventTech Platforms, Language Service Providers, and Event Management Services companies can all benefit from the program. The program offers multiple benefits:

  • Win more deals by expanding your value proposition to support multilingual events
  • Increase deal size by adding translation, captioning, and transcriptions services
  • Accelerate global expansion to meet interpretation needs in EMEA and APAC regions
  • Flexible agreements including Reseller / Referral options plus Project-Based / Annual Payment terms
  • Attractive discounts based on annual sales volume
  • High touch demo and customer support provided by Wordly

For more information on joining the program, visit Wordly Partner Program.

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