Prepare for Impact: AI-Powered Interpretation and the Events Industry

Posted on

January 28, 2020


Kirk Hendrickson

A recent article by Corbin Ball, Artificial Intelligence: The Upcoming Impact on Events, discusses several new applications leveraging artificial intelligence that will change the events industry. 

At wordly, we were excited to be included as one of those game changers. There are many exciting new applications in the article. We encourage you to read the article. 

About wordly, Ball writes, “Simultaneous interpretation with more capability at a fraction of the cost: wordly . . . “ While we focus on the idea of wordly being an alternative to the traditional simultaneous interpreter or CART service, we often downplay the added value that wordly provides. Not only can you receive simultaneous audio interpretation through wordly, you can also receive written interpretation directly to your own device.

The written interpretation opens the door for those that are hearing impaired or frankly just having a hard time hearing, being able to understand content in a way that they never could before.

We were recently used for an event in a very large ballroom with several thousand attendees. The client was surprised by the number of attendees using wordly in English. They shared with us that the room’s acoustics in the back made it hard to hear the presentation. So participants took advantage of wordly to follow along in English.

Ball also explores another aspect of wordly that we think is important to consider, “. . . [wordly] opens up the opportunities to provide simultaneous translation for a much broader range of events.”

Most planners we meet tell us about how expensive traditional simultaneous interpreting can be. Then go on to say how the cost in particular has limited their ability to offer interpreting at all or offering interpreting for anything beyond the plenary sessions or offering interpreting in more than 1 or 2 languages. With wordly, we have events now covering 100% of sessions in 16 languages and providing CART, something just simply not possible to achieve in the past.

At wordly, we are looking forward to continuing to break down language barriers and increasing accessibility in the event industry.