Wordly CTO Jim Firby A Finalist For 2 Event Technology Awards

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June 15, 2022

Wordly's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jim Firby, was a finalist for two prestigious awards this month. Jim was a finalist in the Best CTO category, and the Best Event Technologist category. 

Jim was nominated in these categories because of his outstanding achievements and vision in creating massively-scalable AI-powered interpretation for meetings and events.

Jim set an audacious goal to solve the hardest problem in machine interpretation; capturing the voices of speakers on stage at live events (a challenging acoustic environment) and consistently, reliably and conveniently translating them into attendees' preferred languages on attendees' preferred devices. Jim identified the many subdisciplines required to succeed, acquired much of the expertise himself and assembled an agile team to fill out out the requisite skills. Jim led his team through many tests and iterations to ensure that the technology adapted to the attendees, rather than the attendees having to learn the technology.

“Wordly’s CTO, Dr. Jim Firby, has a uniquely deep understanding of AI, linguistics, acoustics, and meeting platforms, leading to visionary breakthroughs in AI-powered interpretation solutions for events and meetings. His amazing insight and team leadership are helping Wordly transform the event industry with greater engagement, inclusivity and attendance.” - Lakshman Rathnam, CEO and Founder, Wordly

Jim is also part of Wordly’s executive team.

Wordly is delivering an advanced interpretation platform to make managing large conferences and events easier.

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit our website or schedule a personalized demo.

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