Wordly Launches City Council / Town Hall Meeting Interpretation Solution

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July 26, 2022

Wordly has released a new solution to solve the growing problem faced by local governments and city councils to provide a cost-effective, engaging, and inclusive communications experience for all of their citizens.

There are thousands of local government organizations in the US and around the world that rely on live (in-person and virtual) meetings to update residents on government activities and provide them with a voice in the conversation. While many residents speak the local language, there is usually a large percentage of people who are more comfortable speaking their native language. Some local governments have tried providing human interpreters to address this issue, but that solution is usually too expensive and time-consuming for most organizations to implement.

Wordly has solved this problem with our AI-powered real-time simultaneous translation solution. Now you can address the multilingual challenge for town hall meetings, city council meetings, or any other local events where the attendees speak multiple languages.

The City of Modesto was recently featured on ABC News for their live translation program which is powered by Wordly. 

The Wordly platform can be deployed quickly with no special IT implementation. Residents can join the meeting using their personal device and select from over 20 languages - either audio or caption output. The Wordly solution works at both in-person and virtual events as well as webinars.

A sample of the caption output on a mobile device for English, Spanish, and Japanse is shown below:

Wordly works for a wide range of use cases:

  • In-person, Virtual, and Hybrid meetings and events (including webinars)
  • City Councils, Non-Profits, Schools and Universities, Small / Medium / Large Businesses, and Industry Associations
  • Community Outreach, Sales Training, Employee Onboarding, Partner Enablement, User Events, All Hands, and Project Reviews

For more information visit City Council Interpretation Solutions or contact us to schedule a demo.

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