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February 8, 2022

How many of these scenarios have you witnessed or felt?

  • Attendance at your international conference is low from non-English speaking markets.
  • A talented engineer doesn’t speak up in meetings conducted in his second language.
  • A star international sales rep is frustrated by poor communication with HQ.
  • A valued overseas partner struggles because their team doesn’t really understand your strategy.

All of these may be symptoms of failing at language inclusivity

Simply put, far more people globally grew up speaking a language other than yours, and if you level the language playing field, you can get far more insight, engagement and productivity from them. 

While inclusivity takes a variety of forms, language inclusivity is amongst the most significant. Just look at the numbers. 

  • Only 6% of the global population grew up speaking English. 
  • For another 12% it’s their second, third or fourth language and they may not speak it very well.
  • 82% have no functional English proficiency. 

That means an English-only event could reach up to 10x more people if language barriers were removed. 

Talent and participation are suppressed by exclusive practices. They are maximized by providing language accessibility.

You might be thinking, “But isn’t interpretation costly, a logistic headache, and limited in supply?”

Not any more. It’s 2022. AI-powered tools make interpretation into dozens of languages at once available in seconds. They provide better scalability, convenience and value. 

There’s really no excuse for dropping the ball on language inclusivity. Savvy meeting and conference planners know this and are beginning to bake translation into their sessions as a default.

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit or schedule a personalized demo.

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