Wordly Partners With MKI To Deliver AI-Powered Real-Time Translation to Japanese Market

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March 1, 2022

 Wordly, Inc. has signed an agreement with Mitsui Knowledge Industry (MKI) to offer our multilingual AI-powered interpretation as part of MKI’s MEDACA Series communication platform.

 Wordly CEO, Lakshman Rathnam noted, "We are excited to partner with MKI and bring Wordly's AI-Powered Interpretation to the Japanese market. MKI has the sales and support expertise to ensure customers across all industries can make their meetings and events more productive and inclusive by using the Wordly real-time simultaneous interpretation services.”

Japanese speakers now have 22 interpretation languages available, 24x7, for multilingual meetings. This new offering makes adding interpretation to video meetings simple, quick, and always-available. Wordly simultaneous interpretation helps Japanese businesses reach global markets.

Wordly is a cloud service that allows simultaneous interpretation of multiple languages at once, and works with Zoom, Cisco Webex, etc. to translate the language spoken by the speaker into the user's desired language.

MKI will provide a MEDACA Help Desk to customers using Wordly, thereby supporting companies that have challenges in communicating with others overseas. 

A Tremendous Opportunity

Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) notes that thousands of Japanese companies have overseas subsidiaries, creating both an impressive opportunity and communication challenge. There are 9,866 Japanese subsidiaries in North America; 32,887 in China; 3,564 in Latin America; 915 in Korea; 7,959 in Europe and 5,022 in India. 

In Japan, efforts to eliminate the global language barrier are being promoted to strengthen business capabilities, per a 2021 White Paper on “Information and Communications"  from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The "language barrier" is considered to be an issue when doing business overseas. 

In response, MKI has added Wordly to its MEDACA Video Conference Communication Service, which provides a video conference environment that enables easy communication both within and outside the company, wherever you are. 

Wordly real-time translation boosts smooth global communication by linking with video conference room systems. The MEDACA Help Desk allows end users to make inquiries in Japanese, and will support the introduction and use of Wordly in Japan.

Through the provision of the MEDACA series, MKI has been supporting the way Japanese companies work by introducing video conferencing systems. MKI will continue to support the diversifying business and work styles of Japanese companies from every angle, including communication and security.

To learn more, see the announcement MKI made to the Japanese media via this press release.

To learn more about Wordly interpretation services, please visit https://wordly.ai or schedule a personalized demo.

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