Wordly July Update - ABC News, Zoom Webinars, Translation Research, and Interpretation Platform Updates

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July 21, 2022

Welcome to the Wordly Update for July 2022. This newsletter provides a short overview of some recent product and interpretation resource updates from Wordly.

Wordly Platform Updates

Wordly for Zoom Webinars

Wordly now supports Zoom Webinars (in addition to Zoom Meetings) through an integration with the Zoom platform. This new functionality is an expansion of the capability introduced in November 2021 and has been used by thousands of meeting and event attendees worldwide. For more information, read the Zoom blog post.

Additional Platform Updates

In case you missed it, we recently launched several other platform enhancements. The new features include:

  • Expanded scalability to 30,000+ users
  • Bulk translation session management
  • App and Portal localization
  • Local transcript storage
  • New languages - Support for Czech, Hebrew, and Tagalog. Provide live translation into both audio and captions for 25 languages.

Visit the Wordly Platform page for a more extensive list of features.

G2 Reviews

If you love Wordly, please help us spread the good news. We are partnering with G2 to collect and share Wordly product feedback. Writing a review takes less than 5 minutes. To post a review, visit Wordly / G2 Reviews.

Translation Benchmark Report

We recently published the 2022 State of Multilingual Collaboration, a comprehensive study providing insights from corporate meeting and event managers into interpretation and translation trends. Sample insights include:

  • 60% of event managers report attendees typically speak more than 5 languages
  • 42% of meeting planners have limited to no experience with interpretation
  • Top barriers for providing interpretation are translator scheduling complexity (40%) and apathy to audience needs (40%)

Download the Report

Wordly in the News

Wordly partnered with the City of Modesto to provide live translation for city council meetings to ensure all community members can fully participate. The announcement was covered by ABC News - read more about the solution in the Modesto blog post.

Learn More About Wordly

To learn more about Wordly, contact us to set up time to speak with one of our interpretation specialists.

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