Wordly AI Translation December 2023 Update

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December 15, 2023

2023 has been a great year at Wordly thanks to our customers, partners, and employees. We wanted to share some of the highlights in case you missed any of these updates.

Top 10 Wordly Updates For 2023

  1. Natural Sounding Voices
    Now you can listen along in real-time with natural sounding voices which make it easier to participate in long presentations.
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  1. Enhanced Glossary
    Now you can take more control over translation output and ensure the names of people, products, and companies - along with industry specific terminology - are translated exactly like you want them. You can also block words that might be offensive from appearing in the results.
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  1. 25 Additional Languages
    We have added dozens of additional languages and now cover all official EU languages along with all official UN languages - and many more.
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  1. Faster Translation Output - Higher Translation Quality
    We made enhancements to the translation engine to generate output even faster than before. Captions appear almost in real-time. We also made enhancements to the translation engine to further increase the accuracy of the translation output.
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  1. Multi-language Display Output
    If you are running an in-person event, you can display multiple languages on a display at the front of the room. This allows attendees to stay focused on the stage and works great if you only need a few languages.
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  1. Trusted AI Translation / SOC 2 Type II Compliance
    We continued to enhance our commitment to providing an exceptionally high level of security and privacy. We outlined our enhancements as part of our Trusted AI Translation program.
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  1. Try it Now Online Demo
    If you are new to Wordly and AI Translation, and don’t have time to schedule a demo with one of our team members, now you can test Wordly with our online interactive demo.
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  1. Video Translation
    In addition to providing real-time translation and captions for your live in-person and virtual events - we can also create caption and subtitle files for your video libraries.
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  1. Increased Scalability / User Milestones
    As Wordly and AI Translation becomes more popular, we continue to enhance our infrastructure - as well as pass new milestones, including over 2 million users.
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  1. Affordability Commitment
    It seems like just about every company raised their prices in 2023 - but we were able to keep our prices flat by making our operations more efficient as we scaled our business. Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for organizations of all sizes to be able to make their meetings and events inclusive and accessible for everyone.
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If you want to learn more about any of these updates, or would like to get a personalized demo, please send us a message with your questions.

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